SLATE contemporary dance company is multi-national group of professional dance artists active in Shanghai’s dance and arts scene. It was founded 2013 by Anneliese Charek, out of the desire to contribute to the independent dance scene is Shanghai. Its members have included both local and international dance artists.

The group has performed regularly at prominent institutions and as part of collaborations with local artists working in various mediums. Original pieces have been shown at: The Power Station of Art, Chronus Art Center, Minsheng Art Museum, Minsheng 21, MOCA Shanghai, Basement 6 Collective, ART021, A-Piece Gallery, Vision Art Center, Pudong New Theater, Hangzhou’s 1st International Dance Festival, 1933 Micro theater and many more.

In 2019, the group’s documentary dance performance project ‘Why?’ was accepted to the main stage at the International Factory theater festival in Laiwu and Spazio Diamente Theater in Rome for a collaboration with Italian dance company RITMI SOTTERANEI.

The company works to cultivate local contemporary dance by creating original works amongst its members, as well as creating initiatives for local dancers in the community. SLATE has hosted workshops for the public and local professional dancers. SLATE acts as a springboard for dancers and choreographers to train and produce work.

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