Curate & Produce

As content specialists deeply involved with China’s contemporary art scene, we base our curatorial practice on interpretation and translation. We combine a European background with an in-depth knowledge of Asian cultural environments. We translate and conceptualize art messages and projects thus achieving invaluable communication.

At Contemporary Matters we are devoted to art in all its forms. Exactly like in the meaning of the Latin verb ‘curare’, as art curators, we take care of contemporary art forms in order to facilitate art fruition to people.
Our curatorial practice covers many aspects: artist relationships, studio visits,
maintenance of the integrity of artworks and archiving.

We have a broad expertise in the curatorial practices like the management and production of art exhibitions and events. We take care of the various aspects of exhibition-making, like venue selection, events production and publications. We write all content supporting the exhibition: catalogue essays, labels, curatorial statements and press releases. In addition, we provide training sessions to art exhibition attendants.

Our network of well-established partner companies takes care of the organization of artworks shipping and handling including customs paperwork.

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