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Contemporary Matters is a Shanghai based art project specialized in contemporary art in China. Focusing on art curation, production and consultancy, the platform was founded by Silvia Vannacci to interpret the need for curatorial practices in continental China, and to raise awareness and understanding of the Chinese art scenes and market dynamics. We’re very young – just a bunch of months of intense activity, a couple of which spent in a covid19 self-quarantine! – but we have an extensive experience working with talented artists, museums, art fairs, galleries and non-profit spaces worldwide.

Enthusiasts about the contemporary art scene in China and abroad, we like to think ourselves as connectors across the artistic and cultural scene of Shanghai. We are devoted to arts in all their forms and we enjoy sharing our knowledge by hosting or moderating talks and lessons, planning an exhibition, producing a performance or simply guiding a specialized art tour within the city.

Are you an art institution planning to establish valuable art connections in Shanghai? Are you an artist picturing your next exhibition in China? Are you thinking to approach the Asian art market? Where to start? Contact us.

We think, we plan, we organize and make it happen for you.

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