Escape: The Unexpected
Hu Huiming Solo Exhibition

Curated by Liang Lisha
2022/10/01 – 09

At Contemporary Matters we are thrilled to announce the exhibition Escape: the unexpected. Solo exhibition of Hu Huiming. Curated byLiang Lisha, the project stems from a Contemporary Matters X Festival Seta production and will be open to the public from October 1 to 9 at Saletta Campolmi in Prato.

The need to escape is experienced by the artist as an act of active separation. A continuous crescendo that leads her to free herself from the chains with which society limits her being a Woman and to seek an unexpected and unpredictable space that can lead to the achievement of her own self-determination. Emancipation, the need to become an independent individual and to escape are therefore the main theme of the artist’s works.

The value of fugue emerges not only from the conceptual point of view but also from the physical one, giving life to a series of works that free themselves from the two-dimensional plane to embrace the space in its totality. Escape is the indomitable force of History that leaves no room for stillness (as in The Wall), it is the awakening of a dynamic force that comes from the female body (When a Butterfly). Escape is the constant need not to stop, to escape the conventionalisms of sedentary lifestyle to seek one’s freedom within the world.

Hu Huiming, a Chinese artist, lives and works in Carrara. Her artistic practice questions the apparently irreconcilable categories of reality and fiction, totality and fragment, certainty and doubt, presenting them as a unity. Through a visual investigation conducted with photographic and audiovisual means, she intends to create a ritual language capable of expressing her doubts, her feelings and the contradictions regarding art, culture, morality and society.

On September 30 with the opening of the Festival, the exhibition will be inaugurated in the presence of the artist and curator. On October 2 from 15:00 to 18:00 will take place the Sleep With The Artist performance, an escape from the ordinary, towards the unexpected.

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