Seta Festival
III Edition

Organized by Orientiamoci In Cina Association, Center Of Studies on Contemporary China, Contemporary Matters
2022/09/30 – 10/02

From September 30 to October 2 the Prato Textile Museum hosts the 3rd edition of “Seta – Dialogues on Contemporary China”, the political, socio-economic and artistic in-depth festival organized by the Orientiamoci In Cina association in collaboration with Centro Studies on Contemporary China and Contemporary Matters.

The program is curated by Matteo Burioni, Piero Ceccatelli, Roberto Pecorale, Patrizia Scotto di Santolo and Gianni Bianchi. The artistic part is curated by Silvia Vannacci.

Seta is a physical space for many Italian and Chinese guest speakers: academics, journalists, scholars, economists and researchers from prestigious universities, not only Italian, will alternate in the spaces of the Textile Museum to offer the public a series of interesting food for thought and comparison on what is happening in China today, especially in light of the new international scenarios.

From the war in Ukraine, to the energy crisis, to the complex relations with the United States of the Biden presidency, to the XX National Congress of the CCP to be held in Beijing from 9 and 16 October next, to the virtual realities that are overwhelmingly appearing on the world stage, up to the new artistic trends that reflect the anxieties of a country that aims at an increasingly strategic role in cosmopolitan contexts but which is still halfway between a strongly traditionalist past and the present that has seen it whirlwind closer to the West along its trajectories of geographic, scientific and economic knowledge.

A review that aims to be an original exchange of ideas, debate and research presentation from the point of view of the organizers, thanks also to the many study projects that have been carried out for some years in the various Italian cultural forums and beyond.

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