Vibrant Matter
by Passepartout Duo

Curated by Silvia Vannacci
La Polveriera, Pietrasanta, Italy

On October 17, 2020 Contemporary Matters curated and presented Vibrant Matter by Passepartout Duo. The live performance took place at artist space La Polveriera.

Passepartout Duo is a musical duo comprising pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito.

The duo travels around the world making a music that escapes categorization, their body of work being made of multi-disciplinary collaborations, instrumental compositions, and evocative music videos. They create musical events that focus on rethinking the conventional way music is experienced while drawing on a wide range of aesthetics and disciplines.

La Polveriera is a studio that was born from the meeting of theater actress and performer Alessandra Podestà, with Flavia Robalo and Veronica Fonzo two young sculptors from Argentina residing in Pietrasanta for more than two decades. Together they took over the management of the renowned Studio Cervietti: the preceding marble carving studio hosted in a characteristic architectural building.

The three artists kept the essence and peculiarity of the workspace unchanged for sculptors and artisans while enhancing its usability and making it a place not only for production, but also for the dissemination of art and culture.

Unfortunately, the doors of this historic place closed to the arts forever as the building has been sold to a real estate company to transform the art studios and workshops into luxury apartments.

“Our ideal instrument would be more minimal, perhaps less efficient, but would spark creativity every time we approach it. There is nothing perfect in our DIY method, but the idiosyncrasies become the cracks brimming with some of our most satisfying musical ideas: these are instruments that become friendly over time, just as every instrument takes patience and understanding. Even more, the instrument is a collaboration between the visual and tactile senses, as the performer must find their way through the fibers to create sound.” – Passepartout Duo

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