Li Pianpian – Click Click

‘Click Click’
by Li Pianpian

music by Monty Hoffmann

curated by Anneliese Charek

at All Club

July 30, 2019



Pianpian Li is a choreographer and dancer, since her graduation from northern school of contemporary dance (Leeds), she starts to write personal essays in physical movements. Focusing on improvising and rediscovering body languages, Pianpian had presented her works “the sea, the sea and other stuffs” with Sofy Reiner and“Freckles” with SLATE company in 2018, her newest solo “Click Click” was created during her residency at :: home arts space :: in July 2019. Besides being a performer and creator herself, Pianpian also works as a translator, stage manager.

“Sometimes I wonder why all my works were about me, about my ownexperiences, would them looked pretentious? Am I too narrow and should be doingmore? It is not about me doubting the value of my works on the contrary I knowhow important a unique personal journey formed a creator and the works I’ve made so far satisfied me. It is more about, hmmm, one’s nature to seek new things.”

“Art is never only about creating something beautiful. Art ispolitics. Art is power. Art is a reflection of one individual against theworld. Beautiful things are a comfort, but I can’t find comfort in me at themoment. I see anger, I see frustration, I see the vibrations in my lungs.”

“In improvisations I am free, I am currently happening, I am everything.”

about the resicency

This residency, held at :: home :: provides free housing and rehearsal space for artists, in addition to workshop facilitation. The residency, created in an effort to support artists in need of space tocreate their work in Shanghai, is not for profit. Donations to the residency can be made during each performance to help this program continue.

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